Your host, Michael Wender
Your host, Michael Wender

Thanks for visiting our website. I’m Michael Wender, host of the On This Day Podcast. The show is a history “microcast” featuring notable events on this day in history, entertainment, sports, and birthdays. I publish a new episode each day, and you can listen anywhere podcasts are found.

If you’d like to get in touch, use our contact page or reach out to me on Twitter.

Tools used to produce this podcast

  • Anchor makes it easy to record and produce the show on my iPhone.
  • Teleprompt.me is a web app which uses your computer’s microphone to scroll through your text as you read it.
  • I use AirPods for my mic. Starting with Episode 6 on February 5, 2019, I switched to a Blue Yeti microphone. 04/15/2019 (08:38) – Update: I love the flexibility Anchor provides. I now find myself switching between an app-based workflow and a desktop workflow. Checkout my post on Workflow Flexibility to see how I’ve been producing this show lately.
  • I mix the show using Adobe Audition. In particular, its “auto-ducking” feature makes it easy for me to combine my vocals with audio underneath.