Episode 74, Monday, April 29, 2019

A famous French heroine made her appearance on the scene on this day in history. Today also marks the debuts of an iconic musical and an iconic sports show. Listen to today’s episode to find out who, what, where and when.

Today’s Special Segment – On The Virginia Creeper

At the top of today’s episode, you’ll hear my first ever “special segment” where I share some audio from the Virginia Creeper Trail. As I mentioned, the trail is a bike and hiking path which runs along the bed of an old rail line. The path gently slopes down through the mountains and offers wonderful views throughout. Here are a couple of shots from our trip this past weekend:

We rode a shuttle from Damascus, VA to where we started our ride at White Top Mountain.
We visited the old general store inside the Green Cove Station. Built in 1914, the station has been preserved to appear as it did when it was in operation.
Green Cove Station
“Maud Bows to the Virginia Creeper” by O. Winston Link – O. Winston Link is famous for his 1950s photos capturing the end of the era of the steam locomotive. Here you see his shot of the same station we visited while riding the VA Creeper Trail.
We enjoyed riding across the many bridges that are along the VA Creeper Trail.

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