Week One Milestone, 9 Episodes “In The Can”

I’m now one week into producing this podcast. I’ve published an episode each day at 5AM since I’ve started, and I’ve worked out a production workflow. In addition, the show is now on Apple Podcasts and just about anywhere else podcasts can be found. Read on for more details about the milestones I’ve hit this week:

Audio Quality and Production Workflow

My setup

I recorded the first five episodes of this podcast using the Anchor.fm app on my iPhone along with my AirPods as my mic. Then I switched to using a Blue Yeti microphone and pop filter mounted on a boom arm with a shock mount. With that setup I also used Adobe Audition for recording and mixing. This produced great sound, but I was looking to make things easier.

During the middle of this week, I received a shipment which included a lighting to female USB cable and a powered USB 3.0 port. That gave me the option of hooking my Blue Yeti mic directly into my iPhone. That allowed me to switch back to using the Anchor app to record and mix. However, I quickly discovered the mixdown produced by Anchor is inferior to what I can produce with Adobe Audition. I produced today’s episode using my Yeti + iPhone + Anchor setup, and it will be my last to produce that way.

Yesterday I finally settled into a workflow which I believe I’ll use for the foreseeable future. That flow is recording with Adobe Audition on my Mac with my Blue Yeti mic. To make things more efficient, I figured out how to record multiple episodes in one session and then mix each of them down into individual episodes. In addition, I figured out a couple of settings to use to “sweeten” my vocals. Beginning with tomorrow’s episode, you can hear the difference.

Now available on Apple Podcasts

As of this morning, On This Day is now on Apple Podcasts. It took a week for it to show up, but now that it’s there, I look forward to sharing this podcast more widely. The Apple Podcast App isn’t my favorite, but since it’s the most widely distributed podcasting app on iPhones, having the show in Apple’s directory makes it much easier for everyone to find and subscribe. I can share the iTunes link to my show, and it will open right up.

As of this writing, On This Day is now available on nine podcasting platforms. All of this syndication was handled by Anchor.fm. In other news, this week Anchor was acquired by Spotify. With the announcement, Anchor said the acquisition “means more tools, more data, and more power to make a great podcast and get it heard by audiences all over the world”. That has me excited to see what comes next.

My Goals/What’s Next

Creating and producing this podcast is all about me having fun and exercising a bit of creativity. I have no delusions about this show being the next Serial. Rather, it’s about me cultivating new skills and knowledge. These are things I can use to help my clients share their messages on the web. In the meantime, I’ll be keeping to my daily show schedule, and I look forward to the challenge of that. Along the way, if this podcast gains an audience, that’s a bonus.