Witnesses to History

While researching for this show in recent weeks, I’ve come across three different reminders of just how young the United States is as a country. Check out the following clips and articles featuring persons who witnessed Lincoln’s assassination, attended the Gettysburg Address, and are living grandsons of our nation’s 10th president. Watching and reading about each has made the history involved seem that much closer to me.

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No New Episode Today – 3/12/2019

I hit my first hiccup in this 40 day journey of starting this podcast. Some sort of cold has been running through our family, and yesterday it hit me. I closed up my office just before lunchtime which meant no time to record a new episode. What’s more my voice and head are currently shot. So it’s doubtful I’ll be recording an episode today. Thursday appears to be next time I’ll be able to publish a show.