Workflow Flexibility

One thing I’ve enjoyed about producing this podcast with Anchor is the flexibility their app allows. I started out recording episodes with just the app and my Airpods. Then I moved to a desktop recording setup using my Blue Yeti mic and Adobe Audition. Due to a time crunch, this week I’ve returned to using just the the Anchor app on my phone.

With no episode ready this past Monday morning, I decided to give recording with the Anchor app another try. Rather than using my Airpods, I simply used my phone’s microphone, and I was pleasantly surprised with the sound quality. What’s more, the Anchor app is continually receiving updates which make the editing process easier. Here’s the workflow I’ve settled into this week:

Step 1: Creation

I write each episode in Apple Notes. Next I record the episode in one take with the Anchor app.

I use Notes and Anchor to create each episode.

Step 2: Editing

To edit each episode, I simply split them into two parts using the split tool in Anchor:

Step 3: Publishing

As my last step, I add a sponsored segment between the opening and closing. Then I set the episode to go live at 4am on the day for the episode:

My last steps in Anchor: add a Sponsored Segment, edit the episode details, and set the publication date.

Using the above workflow, I’ve gotten my time spent on each episode down to 10-15 minutes. That makes for a very easy process as I settle in to producing this show for the long haul.